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Whether you are dealing with your daily busy office schedule or not able to take out the extra time from your college, you can still Up-Skill yourself with Learnfly. Access latest topics anytime, anywhere from any device on the move. You really don't have to attend the physical classroom.

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Omnichannel Learning experience for Generation Z

Enjoy smooth streaming of on-demand video lectures today from top instructors in subjects like business, computer science, data science, language learning, & more.

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Learnfly is a preferred training partner for Global Fortune 500 Companies, Government Bodies & Institutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Learnfly
    Learnfly is an omnichannel learning platform & a marketplace with thousands of courses for students and professionals, on topics including programming, design, photography, business, finance, marketing and more. On Learnfly, you’ll find inspiration from hands-on online courses and teachers at the top of their industry fields, so you can take the next step in your learning journey.
  • What is the difference between Learnfly Self-paced & Learnfly Live Classes?
    Learnfly Self-paced classes are pre-recorded and allow students to progress through the material at their own pace. Students can access the material at any time and can review it as many times as they need. This type of learning is convenient for those who have a busy schedule and can't commit to a set time for classes. However, there is limited interaction with instructors and other students, and there may be a lack of immediate feedback and support.

    Learnfly Live classes are held at a specific time and provide students with real-time interaction with instructors and other students. This type of learning is beneficial for those who prefer a structured learning environment, immediate feedback, and the ability to ask questions and collaborate with others. However, live classes may not be as flexible as self-paced classes and may require students to adjust their schedule to attend the class.
  • What is included in my Learnfly Subscription?
    As a Learnfly member, you’ll have unlimited access to all Learnfly marketplace courses to watch when and where you want, and additional features such as offline viewing, access to a vibrant community of lifelong learners, and so much more. Learnfly Live classes are not included in this membership.
  • What can i learn from Learnfly?
    Learnfly has thousands of courses in everything from programming to graphic design, productivity, finance, business, UI/UX design, marketing, music, social media, entrepreneurship. If it's something creative, you can learn it on Learnfly.
  • How does Live Classes works on Learnfly?
    Learnfly offer Live Interactive Classes to individuals & corporates on hundreds of topics. To join a live class, simply browse through our course library and book the next available slots for your course. Upon a successful booking, you will recieve a confirmaton email with a live class joining link. On a scheduled date, you can join your live class either by logging into your Learnfly account or by using the link provided on a booking confirmation email.
  • Can i teach on Learnfly?
    Yes! Learnfly teachers are everyday professionals who want to share their passion, and the skills and experience they’ve gained in their disciplines with a community of eager learners. To learn more about teaching on Learnfly, visit our Help Center or become an instructor section.
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